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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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thomas. >> i'm nicole brewer. jim's off today, katie and meisha are joining us keeping an eye out this morning. >> good morning, a lot of construction, no accident to report, roadways nice and dry. things are looking okay. >> definitely in the weather department for sure as well. we expect to see a nice sunrise and eventually some cloud do start to rebuild for our area but this is overall a nice start to the day. eventually wet weather will return to the forecast f we can take the graphic, we will head out to storm scan and thankfully reporting not much happening at this hour. we are watching a frontal boundary lift in. that is where those cloud are starting to move in but regardless, it starts off as a decent day in the area and for the most part we are looking at a decent day. we have some showers that dot at your use radar some models suggesting late this afternoon, it is our far western suburbs, just a chance right now but it is on the way. tomorrow looking like the weather day of the forecast. looking at area dew point when
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we talk lower dew point the dryer the air mass. very comfortable air mass that we sit in the middle of with dew points well in the mid to lower 50's. the even some 40's. very calm wind that continues, yet again, off to a good hair day start, to our day here. so a nice, beginning, certainly to the day ahead but it is also on the cool side depending where you are. the currently only 59 in atlantic city. only 43 in mount pocono. that is where you may want to think about grabbing a fleece, sweat shirt on the way out the door even though that wind is calm and will not feel much different when it comes to feels like verse air temperature. it is still cool. we will start warming things up, lower 80's expectation late in the day but by that point we will see more cloud building in too. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday to you. take a look at ben franklin bridge, gorgeous shot here, look the at this moving in the westbound direction into center city. looking great. looking very quiet, exactly what we want to see as we
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are's only just getting in the 5:00 p.m. hour now. vine all clear, we were closed for construction but it is now opened in the west and eastbound side. you can see early risers this is why we get up early to energy these opened roadways. get out there we necessity it will heat up. it certainly did yesterday. construction 202 southbound at route 30, left lane is still compromised not slowing down too much but just not enough vehicles out there to do anything. just know it is out there construction here route 168 between new town creek and route 130, and these will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. i will confirm and let you no he whether that lifts. more construction here schuylkill eastbound between pennsylvania turnpike and gulph mills, moving crew in the right lane slowing you down maybe now just ever so slightly as more vehicles start to get out on the schuylkill. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thanks very much. we have breaking news and more horrifying news out of orlando. >> a child is still missing after an alligator dragged him in the lake. horrible. it happened near an up scale
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disney resort. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan carabao joins us live from the cbs-3 sat center. jan, thinks a nightmare. >> reporter: child has been missing for hours now and sadly officials admit are not likely to recover him alive but search crews pledged to work around the clock until this two-year old is recovered. desperate search this morning in orlando as crews look for a toddler drag in the lake by a 7-foot alligator. >> at this time we have an excess of 50 law enforcement personnel who are here at the scene who are out actively searching the lake. we have two of our marine units on the lake searching for the child to recover at this point. >> reporter: terrifying scene unfolded near disney's grand floridaan resort and spa just after 9:00 o'clock tuesday night. officials say a two-year old boy was playing in shallow water at seven seas lah goon when gator attack.
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child's father wases nearby a train to wrestle his son away but could. child's mother went in the water as well. officials say the fat manically was on vacation from nebraska and relaxing on the beach at the time. disney is cooperating with the investigation. >> everyone here at walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family. we are helping the family and doing everything that we can to assist law enforcement. >> reporter: cell phone video captured emergency crews on the ground. police are using sonar equipment to search for the child in the lake and florida fish and wild life commission is helping as well. >> we have an alligator trapper on the water and we are putting every effort into locating the chopper and trapping this alligator. >> reporter: officials say boy was playing in the area where no swimming signs are posted, the sheriff's office says it has no record of something like this ever happening at the resort in the past. >> as a father, as a
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grandfather, we will hope for the best in these circumstances but based upon my 35 years of law enforcement experience we know that we have some challenge is a head of us. >> the child has in the been seen since, there was in one else in the water at the time of the attack but there were witnesses and life guard around. child's father also suffered minor injuries, trying to rescue his son. nicole. >> jan, thank you so much, just devastating. right now investigators are digging deep in the family of the gunman in it or land owe massacre, the fbi is looking into whether to charge nora salmon the wife of omar mateen. she said she tried to stop her husband from carrying out that attack. fbi wants to know if mateen was a regular at the pulse nightclub. salmon said she was there before with her husband. another club in orlando said they turn down the gun man's facebook friend request. feds have gone through the gun man's cell phone and computer
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and as kenneth craig reports investigators are finding out about what mateen did that night of the shooting. >> did you know your husband was going to do this? >> reporter: investigator are turning their attention to this woman, who was married to omar mateen, gunman who went on a shooting rampage inside pulse nightclub in orlando. >> oh, my god people are getting shot. >> reporter: police say she told them that she and mateen had gone to the gay nightclub before. she said that she tried to convince him not to go through with the attack. >> she is a very good girl, very honest person. >> reporter: as investigators dig into his past, patrons say they have seen him at pulse before. >> he used to come in the bar sometimes. >> reporter: not only did mateen call 911 but sources tell cbs news that he made a facebook post pledging his
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allegiance to isis all while randomly shooting to the crowd. >> he just said take care of me, please, don't leave me. you said something bad about him i was going to stick up for him because he was american just a friend but like a brother. >> reporter: dimitri noland survived but eddie justice a 30 year-old tax accountant was one of the 49 people who didn't make it out alive. the kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". young woman from philadelphia is now talking about that frightening night inside pulse nightclub. patients carter went with her friend akyra murray and tiara parker. paul were shot. mur hoy just graduated from west catholic high school was kill. eye witt the necessary news reporter justin finch is live there holding a vigil tonight in murray's memory, justin. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. patients carter spoke from orlando where she's still recovering. and a week ago murray's family
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was here at west catholic celebrate herring graduation and today the school will host a vigil for her. >> i never thought in a million year my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> reporter: putting her pain to paper, patients carter recount those agonizing hours she and her friends and strangers spent together packed inside that pulse nightclub rest room. what for some would be their final moments alive. >> his we went from having the time of our lives to the worse moment in minutes. >> reporter: carter, her friend tea ara parker and her cousin, akyra mur write on vacation in orlando, a night at pulse was to be a highlight. hours later this were cramped together inside a bathroom stall and shot while trying to escape the bullets. akyra just 18 years old was hit in her arm and then later died. >> me, my cousin and patients we were laying on top of everybody we were first people who seen him so we took the first set of bullets.
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>> reporter: murray a recent wet catholic grad was a promising basketball star with much to live for. >> my cousin died as a hero. had it not been for her a lot more people would have been dead. >> reporter: back home, murray's friend are mourning the loss of her, spirit. >> it is hard for someone like her, i'm just sorry that she's gone. hopefully she's watching down on all of us. >> reporter: murray was a recent 1,000-point scorer, she was intent on continuing her basketball career at mercyhurst college. today's vigil starts at 6:00 p.m. and it is for friend and family only. nicole and brooke, back inside to you. >> wow, justin, thank you very much. there are several more tributes to the orlando victims around our area tonight. >> the ben franklin bridge will be lit in rainbow colors starting tonight through saturday. the delaware county there is a vigil for victims starting at 5:30 tonight. people will gather in front of
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the delaware county courthouse in media they will read names of the 49 victims and push for tighter gun control laws. is there another candle light vigil at intersection of state and main streets in doylestown. the organizers there say you should bring a candle and a friend, starting at 8:00 tonight. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the massacre in orlando as soon as there are any new developments we will have them right here on tv and on our web site at cbs here's an update hazmat teams are keeping watch of the scene have the late night fire in lansdale montgomery county. cell phone video from "eyewitness news" viewer phil raino shows fire fighters getting to clemens uniform rental at 11:30 last night. the building was evacuated but there are no reports of any within hurt and fire is under control right now. mass math team, check water from the scene and did not find anything dangerous. 5:10 right now. bill cosby is heading back to court. >> we will let you know about his latest bid to have the criminal charges thrown out. plus...
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>> this is getting scary because you cannot have a good time with the family out here. >> worried neighbors speak out after five people are shot in wilmington what they heard when the bullets started flying and how the victims are doing this morning. also talking about a man who police say this man pretended to be so he could steel from a fast food restaurant. >> ♪ >> i guess our days of no, rain are coming to an end, at least. >> katie says, it is always something around the corner in, this case, it is rain, katie lets you know when you need to break out that umbrella but we are saying into mother nature.
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well, police in wilmington
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delaware are investigating a shooting that left five people hurt. >> that is right all five are now in stable condition. police say that the gunshot rang out on elm and south van buren streets shortly after 9:00 last night. a neighbor says he was with his family when he heard the shots and hit the ground this isn't the first time they have heard gunfire outside of their home. >> it seems like it was right in front of the house, so it was very, you know, scary, you know, not the first time it happened. >> so far police have not made any arrests. it is now up to a jury to decide the fate of the pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. defense wrapped up two days of closing arguments in the federal racketeering trial. eleven term demies accused of arranging an illegal campaign loan and then paying back with federal grant money and charitable donations. fattah denies the charges. bill cosby's defense team is asking once again for a chance to cross-examine his accuser before the sexual assault casings to trial.
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cosby is accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. cosby says their encounter was consensual. montgomery county judge has set a hearing date for july 7th. all right. it is 5:16. we will check on that forecast. >> yes. >> guys, we will enjoy that sunshine for now but that will be something that changes with time for our area, eventually our next system will move in coming in first and foremost in the form of the frontal boundary but then low pressure rides along. that that is what will happen in a nutshell. looking at storm scan three we have some signs of life on the radar through western maryland, southwestern, pennsylvania, some computer modeling wants to bring in a quick shower later today through basically southwestern corner of our area but generally wet weather holds off until later tonight the and into tomorrow especially. here's the system progressively moving through our area and in the meantime we are starting off with really nice weather, at least initially here today but high pressure is sort of giving up at this point. we're moving on out and
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allowing this system to move n watch for maybe perhaps a shower later on but generally overnight wet weather moves in here and this system will start to move its way through our area. at this point the timing looks like we will end up with locally soaking rain to at least second half of our typical morning rush hour but if this is true at 7:00 a.m. we have heavy rain pushing through that will mess with what is typically a rough time to be outside on the roadways anyway. all depend on one thing how quickly this low moves out but where this decides to finally track. we may still be left with is rain friday morning. that rain could be still locally heavy depending on what end up happening but this particular computer model brings in some pretty decent rainfall, even just through thursday at 5:00 p.m. where some spots could pick up 2 inches of rain. this is a mod that he will has not been gospel but good guys we are expecting potential for locally soaking rain out there. some may only end up over an entire days worth of scattered showers and rain.
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but maybe just a couple tenth of an inch. it depend how this all pans out and where we see that rain pushing through. right new beautiful colors of the sky line here outside cut town area middle school. we will jump april head and have your shore forecast later in the broadcast, i promise but running short of time. i want to give the seven day. with once this system pushes out weekend for the fathers day is looking phenomenal, meisha, over to you. >> it is looking phenomenal, thanks, katie. >> good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. looking good as we move into center city, as we push you see in the eastbound direction is looking good all the way around spring garden and anywhere on the schuylkill it is looking like this. we have nice dry roadways this morning. you are in good company anywhere you are driving right now. i-95 south before girard headlights moving in the southbound direction looking good here on the interstate 95. one of the area we all know, clears up quickly but it is looking good anywhere i look. admiral wilson boulevard we are dealing with construction, here, so admiral wilson boulevard taillights moving in
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the eastbound direction we have lost that far right lane so just know we are dealing with that yesterday. it was really slow. once we just cracked in the 6:00 o'clock hour and toward 7:00 o'clock just know that is out there again this morning. speaking of which gas main repairs here route 38, take that route 38 eastbound between route 70, two lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. and that goes on until saturday. brooke and nicole, back over to you. philadelphia police are looking for someone who impersonated a firemen and stole from a popeyes restaurant. surveillance shows that incident on june 10th at the store on westerly high avenue. man stated he was a fire fighter from ladder one and he was there to change out fire extinguishers but instead he collect $476 and took off. he is described as a white male a in his early to mid 40's. right now it is time for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the delaware county daily times a
5:20 am
chester auto tags dealer is heading to jail for his role in the scam that targeted hundreds of drivers. he failed to submit registration and title payments to pennsylvania department of transportation. his clerk christine burns also pleaded guilty. from the front page of the bucks down i courier times path turnpike will go high tech. turnpike will install fiber optic cable along the 550-mile road as they anticipate arrival of the more self driving cars. earlier cost estimates for the project are around 200 million-dollar. in the mercury, students at pottsgrove high school will soon have a new field to play on, workers are installing a new all purpose athletic feel. they hope to finish in time for the start of the school year. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> all right. right now a local softball team with the secret weapon gets a surprise of the lifetime. >> you have to hear who is smashing home runs for them and see how he disguised himself. >> kind of funny. philadelphia native kevin
5:21 am
hart targeted by thieves, find out how much he lost when his home was rob. we will be right
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♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪ phillies are back home tonight after a very rough debut for a rookie pitcher. here's sports director don bell with your morning's sports. >> ah, phillies and blue jays resume their series tonight at the bank. jeremy hellickson will be on the bump. yesterday zach efflynn made his major league debut and let's just say it was one to forget. his family made the trip to see him. twenty-two years old. second inning phillies down one to nothing. kevin miller treated him with a solo home run to the left. one to nothing. phillies down by three in the third inning and car era, go ahead, pile on why don't you, two run shot to right field, phils down five to nothing. still in the third josh donaldson, um, um, um, grand slam, he gives up nine runs in less than three innings.
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worst debut for phillies pitcher since 1927. phillies get hammered 11-three is your final score. to that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. well, truth is out, dick man hen hoy plays on the fake softball team for kyw news radio is actually recently retired eagles safety walter thurmond. here's a team picture. he crushed home runs all over the place but in one knew what he to for a living especially because he parked his porsche in another ball field. they're machine disguised himself with man hone which a wig and cap. his former teammate says his alter ego was quite a surprise. >> i never had a clue. his name is mahoney. i wouldn't have had him pegged as a mahoney. >> really cool watching someone like that and was a down to earth guy. >> it was all in good fun. he wanted to come out, play
5:26 am
ball and we all had a good laugh about it since then. they fooled us well. >> interesting. >> that is good stuff. >> why do you think they did that. >> bored. >> wig, retirement is amazing and boring i assume sometimes. >> gave them a thrill at least. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", we're hearing how people with local ties, cheated death in orlando. >> plus amazing in one was killed when this car smashed into a building, why this crash could have been much worse. revel highly anticipated reopening is suddenly delayed, find out what the resort need to do before it can open its doors to guests again when we come back, katie. we are starting the day off with another quiet beginning here, lots of sunshine to report and initially, but rain is presidentially waiting in the wings and we will tell you when it makes it return and its come back coming up. meisha lets you know about the early spots for this
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it well take me a really long time to heel, and to overcome this. >> incredible survival stories in orlando, local survivor who escaped a nightclub massacre described their terrifying ordeal. good morning to you so
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glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. we have latest on the the another terrifying tragedy in orlando after an alligator dragged a young boy into a lake at disney world. just a baby. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> as a father, as a grandfather, we're just going to hope for the best. >> authorities are in an up scale disney resort searching a toddler drag in the lake by a alligator. >> sources tell cbs news, nora solomon the wife of the omar mateen tried to prevent her husband from carrying out the attack. >> it will take me a really long time to heel. >> victims somehow spared from certain death are still coming to grips with why they survived. >> scary. >> police are investigating five people shot in


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